Community Treasury
Community Treasury

Community Treasury

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The Doodle Community Treasury located at 0xDcd382bE6cC4f1971C667ffDa85C7a287605afe4 was initially seeded with 420 ETH from the proceeds of a successfully concluded sale. This treasury will be coordinated by Doodle holders through voting on tools like Snapshot.

We hope to grow the Doodles brand with marketing activations, digital experiences, contests/events and new hires. To bring our ideas to life, we will need to coordinate effectively, resource intelligently and acquire/foster talent.

1. Revenue sources

  • The Doodles Community Treasury will be seeded by its founders with 420 ETH after all 10,000 Doodles are sold in the whitelist & primary sale
  • Half of the 5% royalty taken on OpenSea secondary sales revenues will go into the Doodles Community Treasury.

2. Structure

  • Authorizers - Ability to veto proposals that go against the Doodles Terms of Service or the spirit of the project
  • Holders - Entitled to (1) vote for every Doodle owned
  • More TBD

3. Technology stack

  • Discourse
  • Snapshot
  • Gnosis safe with trusted multi-sig signers
We very much believe in progressive decentralization and feel like this is a good interim solution for the coordination of our treasury. Don't like it, jump on discourse.