Genesis Box Documentation
Genesis Box Documentation

Genesis Box Documentation

Greetings Doodler. Welcome to the next chapter of Doodles. This guide will help you understand everything you need to know about Genesis Boxes.

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Doodles 2 Wearables

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Genesis Box Friendy Overview

Doodles 2 will allow anyone to express themselves in a one-of-a-kind style with new customizable characters and equipable wearables. Opening a Genesis Box will give you two new wearables, plus a beta pass—your early access key to Doodles 2. The wearables are a randomized mix of items including headwear, tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories. Once opened, your wearables will be available in your Flow wallet. You can buy, sell, and explore more Doodles 2 wearables on the Gaia Marketplace. Each Genesis Box can only be opened once and then it’s gone!

Self-Custody Unboxing

This self-custody dooplication guide is intended for those who wish to take full custody of their Wearable NFTs prior to beginning the Genesis Box opening process. Following the steps below will allow you to go through the unboxing without ever needing to touch custodial wallets. This is not supported by Doodles. Use these steps at your own risk. 🤖 Self-Custody Dooplication & Unboxing

Secondary Marketplaces

Upon opening a Genesis Box, Doodles 2 wearables and Doodles 2 beta passes on Flow can be traded on secondary marketplaces like Gaia. A link to view your new wearables on Gaia will be presented to you after opening. Doodles 2 collectibles can be transacted on Gaia in USD and $FLOW. (How to: Transfer ETH to your Dapper Balance).

Flow Wallets

During the Genesis Box opening process, you will be prompted to connect or create a Dapper Wallet. Wearables live on the Flow blockchain, and Dapper makes it easy to experience Doodles 2. While the Doodles 2 user experience will be optimized for custodial wallet users, you can transfer wearables to any non-Dapper Flow wallet whenever you like.

Dapper Wallet and KYC

There are select instances where KYC will be required when using a Dapper Wallet:

  • When the account hits a threshold of financial activity from purchases and sales.
  • When submitting a first request to withdraw a Dapper Balance to your bank account.
  • When multiple Dapper accounts are created from the same device.
  • When a Dapper risk analyst flags an account for suspicious activity (<0.5% of total KYC).
  • When there is a pre-existing KYC request that is outstanding.


Doodles 2 Beta Pass

Beta passes grant its owners early private beta access into Doodles 2. The private beta is intended for us to build features and solicit feedback from our early access community. Currently, 33k beta passes can exist but this number may change in the future. Doodles 2 beta passes are serialized in minting order. There are no unique traits associated with them beyond this.

Doodles 2 Wearables

  • Position - The body position for where a wearable will be worn in Doodles 2.
  • Set - The collection that a wearable is part of.
  • Tag - Most wearables are tagged by their color. Additional tags may be introduced in the future.
  • Type - A probability-based grouping of wearables within a set (e.g. Exclusive, 1 of 1).

Pack Odds for Genesis Boxes

Each Genesis Box contains two wearables and one beta pass for Doodles 2. One of the two wearables will always have a Type of Exclusive. The second wearable will have a chance of Exclusive, Grail, or 1 of 1.

Unique Wearable Count
Edition Size
Pack Odds
1 of 1
101 of the Exclusives have an edition size of 336 and 30 have an edition size of 335.

Genesis Box Technical Overview

The Genesis Box smart contract enables the opening of one or more Genesis Boxes. Opening a Genesis Box allows the proxy to burn multiple tokens from the Genesis Box contract on behalf of the token owners, and then emits an event to notify about the action.

Important Functions

  • batchOpen - Allows the proxy to burn multiple tokens from the genesisBoxContract on behalf of the token owners, and then emits an event to notify about the action.
    • Requires:
      • tokenIds
      • flowAddress (addressOnTheOtherSide)
    • Burns each token in the genesisBoxContract by calling the burn function on the contract.

Metadata Considerations

  • Ensure that metadata can be dynamically published upon mint.
  • Anticipate a long tail of Doodles 2 wearables and beta pass mints. Not every Genesis Box will be opened at the same time, and some users may choose never to open.
  • New sets of wearables will be released in the future.
  • Metadata may be expanded or amended in the future.


In the event that you experience issues with the Genesis Box opening experience, please follow the tips below:

  • Disable browser plugins that are not required to run the experience.
  • Clear cache and restart your browser.

Known Issues

  • There are currently known issues with the support for Coinbase Wallet and the Coinbase Browser extension. Please use a different wallet connection method if you encounter issues with this.

The Team

Doodles Team

Andrii Lytvynov

Bandit aka Bennett Leader

Burnt Toast aka Scott Martin

Frenchloaf aka Noah Davis

Jarett Knapp

Javi Pozzi

Mushy aka Luc Nguyen

Poopie aka Jordan Castro

Squinch aka Remy Brommer

Tulip aka Evan Keast

Special Thanks

Josh Summers

NFTSantana aka Ivan S

Protein aka Wei H.

Vain aka Adil